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Journey Down the Carman's River


Putting in at the dock behind the Carman’s River Canoe & Kayak II shop, you’ll start your journey paddling the lower tidal portion near the overpass of Sunrise Highway. Follow the river flow South under Montauk Highway bringing you to the historic LIRR bridge, followed by the single lane bridge which signals you’re entering the area of the Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge. Notice the change of the din, as the noise of traffic rushing along the highways slowly changes to the sounds of birds as your boat moves along this gentle river.

Once under the bridge of Wertheim, you’ll see the widest stretch of the Carman’s as pictured above. Enjoy being out in nature as you explore the main river and its’ backwater areas. Depending on the time-of-day and the season, wildlife sightings are common along the entire lower portion of the river. Fishing is encouraged as there are many different species of fish in this brackish waterway including; trout, carp, snapper, striped bass, among others. Birding can be a great deal of fun since the refuge is home to over 240 species of birds including a pair of eagles. Turtle sightings are common as a variety of turtles can be found basking on the shores and on downed logs.

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